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Love talent: people-oriented, talent as the core, talent is a strong driving force for enterprise development, cherish talents.
Talent introduction: improve and improve the talent introduction mechanism, introduce talents with both ability and integrity, and provide a good and sustainable talent supply for our rapid development.
Talent education: discover malleable talents, cultivate high-quality talents, focus on cultivation, and establish a talent team with high loyalty, excellent style, excellent skills and high moral character.
Cherish talents: cherish the opportunity for symbiosis and co-prosperity between enterprises and employees, cherish high-quality talents, and make the best use of people's talents.
Talents: Encourage employees to continue to innovate, pursue and surpass, so that the exemplary role of talents influences, influences and motivates more employees to become talents.
Talent concept: Talents are those who identify with the core values, have core competitiveness, constantly improve their professional ability, and continue to create value for the group.
Employment conditions: regardless of academic ability, regardless of seniority contribution
Employment criteria: professional, vocational, dedicated, happy
Employment principles: wide income, prudent use, diligent teaching, rigorous
Evaluation of people: facts say, everyone says, self-speaking
Transfer principle: first change thinking, then change position, then change people, can go up and down
Employee mentality: zeroing, learning, entrepreneurship, positivity, love, persistence
Human resource culture: performance culture, responsibility culture